Vote now!

Hi all,

Just a quick request really. If you enjoyed our account of our day on the naturebites Bird Race (you can read it again here), then please visit Kathy’s blog here to vote for Best Bird and Best Race. All you need to do is read the blog entry and add a comment at the end to vote for your favourite.

Whilst I would love you all to vote for our Bearded Tits for Best Bird (thanks Kathy!) please feel free to choose your favourite from all the accounts. There are prizes up for grabs for the winner so please use your votes wisely!

Just to try and sway you I am (finally) including some photographs of our Bearded Tits as well as a video which you’ll need to turn the computer sideways for. Also, have a look at Chris’s view of the Bearded Tits here if you’ve not read it already!

Check out that moustache!


Can you see the blobs in the reeds? So close! (one to left of each post)



Thanks to all who vote in advance 😉


P.S. Kathy’s blog is really interesting, so if you’ve enjoyed our bird adventures then visit her blog here to find out more about hers (she’s a much more seasoned birder than Chris and I put together!)

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