Thank you RSPB!

Yesterday, my blog post made it onto the RSPB Daily! I am so excited, you can see it for yourselves here (scroll down to bottom right of page).

Whilst I’m talking RSPB, I recommended their Bird Identifier tool to Chris yesterday. Its so useful for working out what that mystery bird you might have seen was and I would highly recommend it. You can choose where you saw the bird, what colour, size etc and the site provides you with a visual list of possible birds. Brilliant! The site has excellent info pages on all the species too, I’m a big fan.



Whilst you’re on the site, why not sign up to become a member and support the future of Britain’s wildlife. I (finally!) joined yesterday on site at Pulborough Brooks (more on my day to follow). Not only do I now get free entry for myself and a friend onto RSPB reserves, they are also giving away a choice of fieldguides as a free gift. If you want to get started or improve your birdwatching skills, what a great way to start.

I spent this morning eyeing up where I next want to visit, but there’s so much choice. A bit of a way away, but I’m going to see if I can talk Chris into joining me on a trip to Rye Meads in Hertfordshire. Its one of the reserves I follow on Twitter and there always seems to be so much seen there.

It is starting to feel like spring is on its way, so time to see the last wintering birds before they head elsewhere to breed.


3 thoughts on “Thank you RSPB!

  1. Woooo. To be honest the loud excited squeak you made yesterday in the Visitor Centre, if they didn’t know you before for the blog they’re not going to forget you…ill let Josie say what she saw…or show you, and me as I didn’t see the photo.

    • Sarah, I think you may be working up my sighting to be more exciting than it may seem to non bird obsessed readers! Will be updating about our trip tomorrow.

      • Maybe, but being a non-birder myself I was more interested when I knew how excited you were. After all knowing nothing about birds how do I know if one is common or not….unless its a pigeon that is.

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