An early start

Whilst Team Chris is off on its first solo expedition, I’m birding outside Hampshire for the first time this year. I’m off to meet my friend Sarah at Pulborough Brooks in Sussex. This is the firs time Chris and I have done a real head to head, so I’m excited to see what it throws up for us both. Someone saw this gorgeous Firecrest there last month so we shall see if he’s still showing well.

Updates on my progress today will follow tomorrow. I’m as intrigued as you are to see how well Team Chris fare.


2 thoughts on “An early start

  1. I had a great time. Learnt a lot, just have to see if I remember it all for next time. My highlight was the greater spotted woodpecker and when you pointed out the clear view of the shoveler ducks and they immediately started their spring courtship shall we say 🙂

    Next time you come this way we could try its been on my doorstep nearly as long as my life and I can’t remember ever going.

    Also Chris should definitely come along next time. It’s sweet that even when competing you still want to see stuff together.

    Lastly…..with my love of sets I’m now thinking those bird mugs will end up in my future kitchen. Along with the egg bucket egg cups!

    Other viewers Team Josie are thinking up something so if you’re in support of Team Josie say Aye!

    • Haha, Shoveller courtship was a highlight! I will have a look at your links tomorrow. A trip to Sussex on a birding outing some time soon sounds immense. Lets set a date soon? Jealous on the bird mug front…

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