Preview- naturebites Bird Race

So yesterday Chris and I took part in the naturebites Bird Race. Whilst we were planning a big day out to the Festival of Birds at WWT Slimbridge, we put our travel plans on ice as we didn’t want to be travelling so far with potential for serious snowfall. Instead, we stuck closer to home and undertook the race in Hampshire. Whilst we weren’t taking the ‘race’ part seriously and really planning the day to see as much as possible, this was a fantastic excuse to get a load of biding in locally as we had 6 hours in which to see as many species as possible.


Full report to follow, but by far the most exciting event of the day was the appearance of a flock of Bearded Tit (one of my top 10!) during our lunch break, who stuck around for over half an hour! The photo below is terrible (shot on a mobile phone into the sun!) but it shows how close we were to these amazing birds. The couple of fat blobs at the top of the reeds are the tits, and the fuzzy silver thing is the lid of Chris’s thermos. Chris has much better shots which we will upload later on…




Today has also been full of birding surprises. I have a lot to fill you in on!


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