Make Way For The King

Good Evening Readers,

I shall skip straight to Sunday as the rest of the week has been bird free due to a combination of work and also a trip to the Rugby yesterday to see my team get annihilated by Bath.

I am sure that some of you have seen that this weekend was the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, this is where the RPSB ask people to take one hour out of their time to sit and record how many different birds appear. Jo and I did it first thing this morning and it wasn’t a huge success compared to the normal visitors to their garden but it was the afternoon that has really made my birding year (I seem to be saying that every week at the moment)

After Jo finished her tax return (tax doesn’t have to be taxing, just boring) we ventured out to Fishlake Meadows, which is basically a very large watery place where birds chill out. It had been a pretty quiet walk (getting used to seeing buzzards now) and we were on the way back to the car when I saw a blue flash with wings fly past me, quickly followed by another one. It took me at least 3 seconds to comprehend what I was looking at as it looked like something that would be more at home in the Amazon.

Jo also managed to pick up these blue flashes and shouted the word that I have never been so excited to hear…KINGFISHER!!

TWO!! I shouted back, as I saw them disappear behind a tree.

I was so shocked and happy to have seen them, they are yet another bird ticked off of my top ten list (to be published this week) and puts me 3-0 up on Team Jo!

I literally stood there amazed for a good ten minutes hoping to get another view of them to no avail. I just wanted to properly be able to see it in all its glory. When I sensed that Jo had had enough of waiting for me to stop smiling and checking two branches we decided to walk back to the car, it was starting to get dark when all of a sudden there was yet ANOTHER blue flash, I managed to track it until it disappeared behind another tree (next time I’m bringing my chainsaw).

So, as I sit here now, yesterday I hadn’t seen a single Kingfisher and now I’ve seen three, that’s two firsts in two weeks, I’m going to be hard pushed to keep this discovery rate up! They are really up there as a spectacle to see, they just look so out of place and so vibrant and actually (as sad as this sounds) I still cannot believe that I have seen some!

Oh, and Jo, please don’t feel bad for being 3-0 down, you have seen more species including the Spanish Sparrow and are clearly going to win, you just might lose the race to 10!

See you soon readers!



P.S Kingfishers are amazing to view and if you ever hear of any in your area I would highly recommend it, give me a shout and I’ll come and chop any trees down first* so your view is not obscured!


*This tree comment is purely in jest and Chris does not support deforestation, so please do not write in with your complaints

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