Earthflight- Asia and Australia

Although the budgerigars of Australia were by far my favourite part of this week’s Earthflight, as usual the whole programme was amazing. I can’t really put into words the sights of this week, but if you have 5 minutes to spare, these clips are worth a watch:

Pigeons at Mehrangarh being pursued by a Long Legged Buzzard. The way this bird hunts the pigeons from their roosts is brilliant. This has to be the first bird battle I’ve watched that I’ve actually been rooting for the predator to win.

Japanese /Red Crowned Cranes being surrounded by their predators- Red Fox, White Tailed Eagle and Steller’s Eagle (look at the size of that Bill!). These cranes are beautiful and look so serene calmly sparring against the eagles. Whilst I noticed this last weekend with Redpoll, these cranes look like the cardinals of the bird world.

Demoiselle Cranes were shown being hunted by Golden Eagles and a Peregrine Falcon. These birds look like bald men with wispy white hair and considering I always like birds with a bit of character, I particularly enjoyed these cranes. Plus, any species that successfully migrates through the Himalayas deserves a lot of respect.

Demoiselle Cranes

All in all a brilliant programme which I intend to watch again whilst its still online.


3 thoughts on “Earthflight- Asia and Australia

  1. Watching it on catch up now and thinking how the parrots and even the buzzard look like large butterflies with these slow motion shots.

  2. The hooded whatchamacallems are great. I’ve been trying to decide while watching this series if I would rather be a flapper or a glider. I have now decided i want to be a bird surfer. Land on an eagle and surf for as long as possible.

  3. Hooded crows- aren’t they so much more exciting than regular crows?! And yes, I’m with you on the surfing, although gliding appeals rather than flapping. Mostly though I would like to be a diving rather than a dabbling duck!

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