So last night’s episode of Earthflight was fantastic as usual.

Whilst I previously had a soft spot for a budgie and thought I’d like my own, I’m now convinced that these are truly fantastic birds. My only obstacles are deciding what I really think about keeping one caged and whether I can eventually talk Chris around to the idea.

Budgies fly past Uluru

I previously blogged about the Europe episode and the aerial acrobatics of the starling flocks over Rome, this was beaten in spectacle last night. Whilst the Europe clip featured starlings being hunted by a lone Peregrine, this time around a Black Falcon returns empty taloned to its mate after being defeated by millions of budgerigars. Imagine the previous clip in full colour. The budgies even managed to stop off mid chase for a quick drink in amongst the chaos. Every time the falcon came close the budgies fell straight downwards escaping its clutches.

Whilst I can’t find the exact clip,  I have managed to find footage of the swarm. The whole episode is available on iPlayer at the moment, so well worth a view whilst it’s still online.


Only one episode to go and then I’ll have to wait until the box set is released.


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