I need help



Its not yet 7am on a Wednesday morning, but I am wide awake. This is because of two things:

Firstly I have a had a very bad dream, one of those really real ones that you can’t forget about and secondly (and more worryingly) I have become just a tiny bit angry with one user of ‘Pinterest’ (A website where you “pin” your favourite pictures)

What have they done to annoy me? Well, Dear Reader, they have replied to my picture of a Buzzard sat on the ground with this phrase: “not a buzzard. some kind of bird of prey: a hawk or a falcon.”

There are numerous things that have annoyed me about her reply. She clearly doesn’t know what she is talking about for one. I would have taken the comment from someone who had clearly stated what said bird was, but no, her reply was vague and dismissive, I can only go with the fact that she posted at 4am our time which would indicate that she is American. (Just checked American Buzzards do look different) but also with the fact that it looks NOTHING like a blooming falcon! I will let her off the fact that it could ave been a hawk, however my main overriding annoyance is that it IS A FREAKING COMMON EUROPEAN BUZZARD. (see below)

This is now the second time that I have suffered this anger, and I need to learn how to control this, however I finish this post more annoyed at the fact that an American has just tried to slag off my post without doing their research, I think that I am getting a bit too protective about my birds