Its been a long time, i shouldn’t have left you…

Hello readers,

I have not died of red wing overload (a common birdwatcher ailment) i have just been extremely busy with work and seeing family. Right, where to start…?

The red wings stayed for 2 days then buggered off, they didn’t fancy saying hi to Jo but were very happy to see me, result. I have seen no birds whilst travelling to work or indeed at the weekends, c’est la vie.

Two weeks ago, Jo and I went on an organised walk to see some red kites,  when we pulled up it felt like a really badly organised school trip but this time it was hard to figure out who was the teacher, we were quite obviously the pupils (i had the worlds smallest binoculars (error that keeps being repeated!) however, once things were kicked off by the walk leader this turned out to be one of the best birding experiences of my life.

The people on the walk were much more chilled than the people chasing the junco and were genuinely interested in any birds, this meant I didn’t feel stupid asking what the birds were that flew past, also i got to use other peoples scopes and got to actually see the birds (this has led to me looking for scopes on eBay daily) Seeing 70+ red kites just chilling and messing around was awesome, however I was more amazed by seeing a short eared owl just chilling on a post and a partridge that didn’t want to move in case it got eaten by it. Although we still reduced the average age by at least 10 years there were still at least 7 other women to go with the 30 men…

We saw a load of other birds, however it has been that long that I cannot really remember what they were, so this is where I really really need to get up to speed with writing them down (waterproof notebook after payday I think!) Last week and weekend were a write off, due to a visit from my brother and sister in law, however the golf course (somewhere Jo won’t be) on Sunday morning provided me with a green woodpecker and another unknown bird.

I am going to have to rely on weekend trips in order to get a good number of birds, and really do need to get back in to it.

I must also confess that I am now a fully signed up member of the RSPB, mainly for the free gift, however it also means that I get to go to all the RSPB reserves for free at the same time as helping keep the birds going so that I can actually spot them.

I apologise for the lack of humour in todays blog, I will be back on form with my next one, football (a hard fought 0-0 draw) has taken it out of me and I am genuinely annoyedIi have forgotten birds, I fear that I really am taking this too seriously….


P.S Sarah, i am disappointed that you are team Jo despite me provding you with the motivation, i am consoled however, by -the fact that members of “Team Chris” are having T-Shirts made up displaying their affiliation, so i’m sure that I will get over it and I would still love for you to come on a walk with Jo and I xx

3 thoughts on “Its been a long time, i shouldn’t have left you…

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  2. I’m sorry Chris, what can I say? It was Josie that got the birdwatching started. However I am very impressed with the t-shirts. How many people are on Team Chris? I really think your blog audience should get a photo of this too!

    As for the birdwatching walk I’d love to, maybe on one of the less serious ones though, since I am less experienced than you.

    Looking forward to the next blog!

  3. Sarah- I think Team Jo needs some corporate merchandise that beats Team Chris T-Shirts. Whilst they’ve been talked about I’ve not seen any evidence of them so far! Looking forward to a joint walk- lets find a date when I next see you?

    Can I suggest we go here please?

    This is what we could see:

    I’m excited already!!x

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