Having had in my mind all day that i was going to gut my room and tidy it properly then post properly about the first weekend, i stupidly decided to go for a run at 7pm. If i am honest, this was as a result of eating a lot of rubbish all day (what is it about winter that brings that desire for fatty foods?!) and needed to not feel like a fat slob.

So, having spent 3 miles doing my best impersonation of a horse with all the cheek puffing, i have no energy to blog about what was a fantastic weekend birding (never thought i’d say that in my lifetime) so, please be patient and on Wednesday i shall fill you in on the weekend, in the meantime, Jo shall be walking in the park at lunch whilst i am trying to organise the office (theres no justice in the world!)


Oh and yes, short ear owls are freaking awesome!



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