Having had in my mind all day that i was going to gut my room and tidy it properly then post properly about the first weekend, i stupidly decided to go for a run at 7pm. If i am honest, this was as a result of eating a lot of rubbish all day (what is it about winter that brings that desire for fatty foods?!) and needed to not feel like a fat slob.

So, having spent 3 miles doing my best impersonation of a horse with all the cheek puffing, i have no energy to blog about what was a fantastic weekend birding (never thought i’d say that in my lifetime) so, please be patient and on Wednesday i shall fill you in on the weekend, in the meantime, Jo shall be walking in the park at lunch whilst i am trying to organise the office (theres no justice in the world!)


Oh and yes, short ear owls are freaking awesome!



A better commute

A walk to work

Having decided the only way to beat Chris was to get out and about more, I was presented with the ideal opportunity on my commute. Arriving at the park and ride just as the bus was pulling away would normally have me cursing, but today this was what I had secretly been hoping for. Instead of waiting for 15 minutes until the next bus, I decided to walk to work. Whilst I didn’t get any new birds, walking into Winchester along the river was a far nicer start to my day than sitting on a bus!