We’re going on an owl hunt (and leave disappointed)

After yesterday’s birding frenzy, we thought heading out just before dark would again be fruitful. To be honest, we were never going to see another Short Eared, but I think this hope was at the back of both our minds. We did get a load of ticks for our 2012 lists, but nothing nearly as exciting as yesterday. A Buzzard drifting along very close to the ground  had me fooled to start with until Chris pointed out what it really was. I am very glad I make mistakes like this around Chris and not around those that really know their stuff. Its very easy to think you are seeing what you would like to see rather than what is really there. Today’s highlights include 24 Mute Swans (see them coming into land below), very vocal Wrens and a LOT of Chaffinches roosting for the night.

The photos are about as exciting as our year lists so far- enjoy us looking birdy in our outdoor gear. Either way, it was fun to be outside and as childish as it sounds its always fun to think you’re going to get stuck in the middle of nowhere in the dark without a torch, although we made it back just in time (just no owls to be seen).


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