Wish Me Luck…

Right dear readers, tomorrow is the day when i am officially kicking off the big year. The Man Flu has now pretty much gone, apart from a cough that makes me sound like i am smoking 60 cigarettes a day (hope that doesn’t scare the birds away) and it is time to get out and get at them.

As Jo rightly stated below, i did indeed cock up with the identification of the bloody pigeons. However, i am happy to report that since the post i have now spotted both another wood pigeon and a feral pigeon, i apologise to any “proper” birders for the silly error, i can only assure you that it WON’T be the last this year.

I arrived home to MASSIVE news, the red wings that were seen last year in my garden have apparently returned to aid my list, i am now putting my house on lockdown to Josie, so she will not be able to claim to have seen them and i will at least have one bird that will not be on her list, i also think this should count as double as it has flown all the way from Scandinavia just to sit in my tree with its mates.

In other news, i am slowly letting other people know that i am participating in birdwatching, this is a touchy subject for me as i know that there is a lot of negative press of the bird watching community, however the feedback has generally been positive, apart from the odd mutter of “freak” and “you’re doing what?!” In fact i am actually getting offers of people who want to come out on walks with me, i am massively indebted to all of you.

Off out to get some new walking boots in the morning before hitting the Hampshire Ornithological Society walk with Josie to see some red kites come in to roost, fingers crossed.

I must also apologise here for telling Jo to “F**k Off” when she told me all the birds that she had seen during her lunch breaks, it was an over reaction, but made me realise just how badly i want to win.. roll on the rest of 2012!


One thought on “Wish Me Luck…

  1. Hope the lockdown doesn’t last too long Chris, seems this year may be a case of who comes first:

    2. Birds


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