2012 is go!

So as Chris has mentioned below, 2012 is our big year- a mission to spot as many different species of birds as we possibly can, and more importantly to spot more than each other to see who is the more prolific birder. Whilst I may be the stronger one at bird ID, Chris is taking this much more seriously- looking up binos, buying books (the RSPB guide to birdwatching is somehow not classed as cheating) and doing a LOT of research. Getting a text on new years day  about twitching a Dark Eyed Junco from someone who wouldn’t know a Kittiwake (thats ‘kit-tea-wake’ not kit-tea-wah-kay’ Chris!) from a Knot was quite a surprise. I may be in trouble.

Whilst I worry I may not hold the upper hand, I do feel encouraged by Chris’s initial list of ticks…

The pigeons (I think) we saw from the car were:

Wood Pigeon

Chris has logged this as:

Feral Pigeon

I may be hoping for mis-identification as my year hasn’t been off to a flying start either.

Fingers crossed for better luck in the coming week!


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