Not Your Average Birders?

Why, you might be thinking are we not your average birders?

A birding outing today has confirmed what we were already pretty sure of- neither of us fit the typical demographic of a birdwatcher. Chris fits in immediately more than I do in that at least he’s the same gender as the other people twitching whichever elusive bird we are trying to track down. Your average birder is at youngest middle aged, predominantly male and 9 times out of 10 equipped with a tripod and ‘scope, khaki coloured mac and some sort of camo gear. I have nothing against any of these traits, it just means that I stand out- being female, under 30 and not wearing anything that would look at home in an army surplus store I stick out a mile. It doesn’t help that while Chris may rate my birding skills and that I may know more than the average 25 year old, compared to these experts, I feel a complete newbie.

Whilst we won’t be changing the face of birdwatching, between the two of use we’re attempting to see as much as we can when only equipped with some second rate binoculars, always carting round a bird guide and in our walking gear rather than anything that was chosen with birding in mind.

Here’s to the journey ahead!


2 thoughts on “Not Your Average Birders?

  1. You never know, you just might, I’m already getting quite excited by this blog and looking forward to our February Birdwatching Date (Sorry Chris, I’m on team Josie – however it may be Chris that is motivating me more!)

    Before long the nature reserves in 2012 may be filled with groups of 25ish year olds looking for birds, only to be identified by their team affiliation 🙂

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