New Year. New start. New Hobby.

Its a new year, which means new resolutions and challenges for 2012. Therefore 2012 shall be the year of the bird. It should probably be noted that before this i have been a reluctant birder, well a semi-reluctant one at least. Jo has had a love of birds for many years, i on the other hand have only ever had a passing interest in them, sitting dutifully in hides dotted around Hampshire with Jo trying to get my head around what has just flown past me and wondering how the people (nearly all middle aged men in camo gear) can identify them from 500 yards simply by how a bird flies or a brief glimpse of a wing, and more specifically how they had any other time for a social life inbetween all this birding activity.

We work pretty well in tandem, I spot them and describe the blur of feathers that flew past and Jo takes my inane chatter and translates them to the bird that i saw. This will all change in 2012.

I’ll get to the point now, 2012 is Chris and Jo’s big year, however, unlike other friends year ahead, it is not big because of weddings, it is THE big year. We shall be competing against each other to see who can see the most species of birds in a single year. This is what has propelled me to get started with birdwatching, the the competitive element, it is also, the main point that scares me about the year ahead. As i have previously mentioned i can only spot them, i can’t identify them, so i won’t be getting any help from Jo; i’m on my own and i will need to learn quickly so i don’t fall behind…

4 thoughts on “New Year. New start. New Hobby.

  1. Watching Earth View now and trying to make a mental note of what some birds look like just in case….I even got as far as asking my Dad who was also watching, ‘yes its a crane, but what crane?, you can’t tick it off if you don’t know’

    Which made me think….and I’m sure you’ve already said this somewhere or at least to each other….the zoo doesn’t count.

    • The zoo, dreams the tv all don’t count.

      I’ve just checked this with my trusty collins and the common crane is listed as ‘(common) crane’ so I think if you had it down as crane and saw it in the wild in real life that would absolutely count!

      Ps earthflight is amazing and I feel a post coming on tomorrow!x

      • Excellent. I look forward to It. Having been my favourite sight at Chester Zoo (maybe just beaten by the vultures who had me, standing alone on the opposite side of the path to everyone else who was watching penguins, shrugging my shoulders and saying ‘ I dunno whatdoyou wanna do?’ Repeatedly- Jungle Book) there were definitely quite a few varieties. Although they mainly seemed to be named according to the colour they were. So if you did hazard a guess, just say you’re 100% certain and you could be right. But I doubt they are native to here anyway.

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